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Flightventure started as an aeronautical adventure project and trips around the world, today it has become one of the companies with most airplanes sales in Argentina, and the company that brought more airplanes from different places of the world to register in the country.
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Our team knows what is important for crews and passengers, this is why we have an especially design place according to their needs.
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Airplane sales

Whether you are buying or selling an aircraft, Flightventure offers the possibility to work with a highly professional team, with years of experience and the best status in the aeronautical field to offer you the best advice and find the aircraft that suits your needs.
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Ferry Worldwide

We have pilots with vast experience in transferring airplanes from and to any part of the world. We are available to travel and make the deliveries whenever and wherever is necessary.
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Specialized aircraft agents

We have a highly qualified team of agents specialized in aeronautical consultancy, counselling on import and export.
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Aircraft parts

Flightventure have stock of parts, supplies and consumables we also provide assessment and a wide range of international providers to fulfill the especial requirements and at the requests of our clients.
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To promote the use of airplanes as a substitute conveyance of the automobile, providing reliable aircrafts in the market, assessment, pilot training, after sales service, warranties, and a workshop that will back up the life of every airplane.


Make aviation in Argentina an activity to the reach of everyone.


If you require assessment or make an enquiry, please, fill the next form and a member of our team will communicate with you shortly. Thank you.
Dianela Juncosa-min

Lic. Dianela Juncosa

Socio Gerente
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Debora Polzella

Carlos Juncosa-min

Carlos Juncosa

Socio y jefe de pilotos ferry
Licencia Argentina-Africana-Neo Zelandesa

    • Av. Bolivia 3400 . Hangar 7.
      Salta Argentina. 4400
    • +54 – 387 4391596